Sonic investigations for communities affected by corporate, state, and environmental injustice

Earshot is the world’s first not-for-profit organisation producing audio investigations for human rights and environmental advocacy.

Using cutting-edge audio forensic analysis techniques, we add a crucial but often overlooked dimension to open-source investigations. While image and spatial analysis have become widespread over the last few years, until now half of the story has remained untold on the soundtrack.

At Earshot, we draw on more than a decade of experience of audio analysis, bringing justice to crimes that lie beyond the cameras' frame. Our mission involves collaborating with international human rights organisations, lawyers, NGOs, journalists and independent media, activists, grassroots communities, as well as academic and cultural institutions. Our comprehensive sonic investigations produce groundbreaking research that are dedicated to fighting for the rights of communities affected by corporate, state, and environmental injustice.

Beyond our investigative services, we actively conduct and publish original research. This approach not only allows us to embed our work within a broader societal context but also facilitates the development of innovative research technologies. With each new case, our practice grows stronger as it gives us the opportunity to refine and expand our research methods.

For our clients and partners, we produce forensic reports, 3D acoustic maps and animations as well explanatory videos that clearly demonstrate our research methods. Our written reports have been presented in international courts and our videos have been featured in the global media. You can find many examples of our work on this website and upon request, we can make specific reports available for review.

If you are or represent a marginalised community or an individual facing state or corporate injustice who needs our services, please contact us.

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