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Air Pressure

The only major study into the presence of Israeli military aircraft in Lebanese airspace.

Airpressure.info is a comprehensive study of the Israeli military aircrafts that exert indiscriminate mass surveillance and intimidating noise on the millions of people living in Lebanon.

At the heart of this research is the development of a comprehensive, searchable, and interactive database that meticulously documents the 22,355 illegal Israeli aerial violations on Lebanese airspace between 2007 and 2022 .

The investigation began during the 2020 lockdowns, when the sounds of hostile jets and drones over Lebanon intensified. Despite the noise in the atmosphere, there was little to no publicly available information about the aerial activities. The primary objective of this investigation was to leverage Earshot’s audio analysis techniques to gather and disseminate knowledge about this subject and to give residents of Lebanon a better understanding of the noises they hear in the skies above them.

Read the full study here.

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