Sonic investigations for communities affected by corporate, state, and environmental injustice

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Eco-acoustic Investigations

We measure sound to assess the impact of noise pollution on the environment, from propagation across the oceans and skies to deep vibrations in the subsurface. However, our eco-acoustic studies go beyond simply assessing the negative effects of noise. We harness sound as a non-invasive tool to measure the well-being of ecosystems. In doing so, we draw on the pioneering work of researchers such as Bryan Pijanowski, whose acoustic analysis of the Costa Rican jungle was the first to reveal the otherwise invisible mass extinction of amphibians.

Measuring the environmental impact, both caused by and sensed through sound, is something we consider as an urgent focus in our field. As such, Earshot is working on techniques and research to measure and monitor the spread of harmful noise across communities and natural habitats. Our efforts include the creation of specialised equipment capable of recording sounds both above and below the human range of hearing, alongside digital technologies to assess the acoustics of ecosystems over extended periods of time.  

Eco-acoustic Investigations measuring-sound-wind-turbine.jpg
Assessment of noise pollution caused by 256-metre-high wind turbines for an ongoing research in the Golan Heights

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